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Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee on Russian Arms Dealer Viktor Bout: “In Actuality, His Weapons Might’ve Been Used to Kill Americans, But He Has Not Killed Americans” (VIDEO)


Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, one of the dumbest women in Congress, appeared on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” with Joy Reid to discuss the Brittney Griner swap.

Joe Biden on Thursday announced he traded the world’s most wanted fugitive, Russian Viktor Bout, for pot-smoking anti-American baller Brittney Griner.

Meanwhile, Paul Whelan, a former Marine who is now 52, is still imprisoned in Russia.

Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee defended the trade on Sunday. 

“In actuality, [Viktor Bout’s] weapons might’ve been used to kill Americans, but he has not killed Americans.” Sheila Jackson Lee said.


Meanwhile Sheila Jackson Lee wants to go after gun manufacturers because their guns kill Americans.

You just can’t make this up.

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  1. There is a video link outlining fake Epstein Trump and his treason. The slimy adl is trying to censir this https://rumble.com/v1zwlmg-the-mafia-cia-and-jeffrey-epstein-worked-together-to-traffic-minors.html