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FTX’s SBF Out of Jail and Off to Parents Mansion in California – Judge Jeanine Says His Chances of Going to Trial Are Slim to None

SBF was able to cut a deal and go live with his parents for a while making him another lefty living in his parents’ basement.

It appears that SBF made too much money for too many politicians to be tried for his crypto Ponzi scheme.  This is likely why the corrupt Southern District of New York took over his trial.

Yesterday SBF went to court in New York City.  He was released to his parents’ house in California.  Their house secured his bond along with perhaps some lesser amount of money.  The parents’ house is worth reportedly $4 million.


Daily Mail showed a clip of SBF leaving the courtroom.

Some people believe that SBF will have to sell his property and pay off investors but is there enough to pay them all off?

Judge Jeanine believes that he may never face trial.

Sam Bankman-Fried may never face trial, Judge Jeanine Pirro has claimed, because two of his closest colleagues have already pleaded guilty – as she called the 30-year-old accused fraudster a ‘dirty scumbag’ and said he was worse than Bernie Madoff.

Bankman-Fried, founder of collapsed cryptocurrency firm FTX, appeared in court in Manhattan on Thursday and was freed on a $250 million bail – a new record.

He will await his fraud trial at his parents’ $4 million home in California.

Pirro said she believed the guilty pleas of Bankman-Fried’s ex-girlfriend Caroline Ellison, who served as chief executive of Alameda Research, a hedge fund owned by Bankman-Fried, and Gary Wang, FTX’s former chief technology officer, would make the weight of evidence against him insurmountable.

‘The feds clearly wanted to get these two to plead guilty to very similar charges,’ said Pirro, explaining why Bankman-Fried did not appear in court until after Ellison and Wang’s pleas were confirmed.

‘They had to meet the conditions of the plea deal. The conditions of the plea deal are that they testify and cooperate with the feds in incriminating Sam Bankman-Fried.

‘That was done and tied up last night. And as soon as they landed in New York, it was a done deal.

‘What that means is that the chances of this going to trial are slim to none.’

If there is no trial then the entire case will be washed under the rug. Politicians keep their millions or billions, investors in FTX will lose their billions, and everyone moves on. 

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  1. This SOB need to be in prison for life, he knew what he was doing to rod from these people. Just like Madoff.