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Homeowner, 72, allegedly assaulted by 22-year-old intruder in reported burglary. But victim has a gun — and needs just one shot to stop home invader cold.

 A 22-year-old intruder allegedly assaulted a 72-year-old homeowner during a reported burglary early Saturday in Liberty Township, Pennsylvania, WJAC-TV reported, adding that state police said the homeowner fatally shot the intruder.

Liberty Township is in the southwest section of Pennsylvania, just over two hours east of Pittsburgh.

What are the details?

Troopers told the station they responded to a reported home invasion and assault in progress around 3:15 a.m. Saturday.

The initial 911 call was disconnected, but when communication was reestablished, police said the homeowner told them gunshots were fired, WJAC said, citing a state police public information report.

Police said the homeowner fired one round at Dakota Hall, who was pronounced dead at the scene, the station said.

The homeowner was injured in the assault and was taken to a hospital in Bedford for treatment, WJAC reported.

Troopers told WTAJ-TV there's no threat to the public.

How are folks reacting?

Commenters reacting to a WTAJ Facebook post about the deadly encounter appear squarely behind the homeowner: 

  • "I feel bad for the parents & other family of the 22 year old, but that being said: If you don’t want to run the risk of getting shot, don’t break into someone’s house at 3 in the morning!" one commenter said.
  • "I support the homeowner," another commenter wrote. "We need to protect ourselves and our property."
  • "Need more home owners like this!!!!" another commenter declared. "That would cut down on crime when the burglars are afraid of getting shot."
  • "The guy was in his home uninvited at 3 a.m.; he got what he deserves!" another commenter exclaimed.
  • "Exactly the way it should turn out every time," another commenter said. "You do stupid things you win stupid prizes."
  • "Justice been served," another commenter wrote, adding that that the alleged intruder "knew his options. Checkmate."
  • "I love it when justice is dispensed immediately because we all know going [through] the system does nothing," another commenter concluded.