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Joe Biden at US-Africa Business Forum: “Prosper Africa Deal Room.. That Sounds Like Something We Shouldn’t be Saying” (VIDEO)


Joe Biden on Wednesday delivered remarks at the US-Africa Business Forum.

Biden on Tuesday announced “the establishment of an advisory council on engagement with the African diaspora in the United States” Reuters rep orted.

Biden on Wednesday hosted African leaders for talks on security and trade.

Approximately 50 African heads of state attended. 

And it was a total embarrassment.

“…particularly in Prosper Africa Deal Room. That sounds like something we shouldn’t be saying, you know, Prosper Africa Deal Room. I kept asking, ‘Where’s the Deal Room?’ I think I’m looking at it,” Biden said.


Biden lost many battles with his teleprompter on Wednesday.

At one point he said, “Glovid-19”

He’s shot.


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