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Obama Judge Ronnie Abrams Recuses Herself from FTX Case Due to Husband’s Conflicts After Setting Low Bail for SBF, Ellison and Wang and Setting Them Free


Crime pays for those who pay corrupt politicians. 

As previously reported, cryptocurrency exchange FTX went bankrupt only weeks ago.  The entity saw billions go through its accounts.  Ukraine used it to store money sent from the US.   Millions were paid to politicians by FTX.  Then FTX went bust. 

The young leaders of FTX recently were arrested for their actions involved in FTX’s bankruptcy.  Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) was released on bail yesterday and sent to his parents’ $4 million house in California to await trial. 

SBF’s fellow accomplices at FTX, Caroline Ellison and Gary Wang paid their low bail amounts relative to their cases of $250,000 and were set free as well.

Yesterday, after setting bail for SBF and two of his accomplices, the judge in the case recused herself.

Do you think this conflict had anything to do with SBF’s low bail?  Do you think she should have recused herself before setting bail?

Crime pays if you pay politicians. 

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  1. Stop funding your own destruction. Use YOUR tax money to buy guns and ammo against H0M0BAMA's FBLIE and IRS army