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Trudeau says he expects police to shut down another trucker 'occupation' before it happens

 At a recent press conference in British Columbia, Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau remarked that he expects his police forces to use the tools at their disposal to prevent a repeat of the trucker protest against which his government contemplated deploying tanks.

“I’m expecting that the tools police have at their disposal are put in place to make sure there’s no repeat of the occupation which hurt many people in the last year,” Trudeau said after being asked by a reporter if he would decline to use the same Emergencies Act he used to criminalize the previous protests.

The Emergencies Act is what allowed the liberal government to immediately declare anti-lockdown protests as illegal, resulting in the freezing of bank accounts of those who donated to the cause.

"They can’t [protest] in a way that hurts other citizens, and that’s what we’re expecting police from jurisdictions will manage,” Trudeau explained.

“I think we have learned a lot, and I think police corps across the country have learned a lot about what happened last February,” the prime minister continued.

Rumors of a "Freedom Convoy 2.0" that have circulated online have allegedly been monitored by federal authorities as well as the Ottawa Police Service, the primary police force that dealt with the original protest.

Popular trucker James Bauder told followers in a Facebook post to "bookmark these dates" while promoting an event and his foundation.

"... during this two-week, Nationwide annual CANADA UNITY-FEST let's be grown-ups and start addressing the root of division, discrimination, and segregation in Canada by changing our focus away from division to that of one word 'UNITY' and by challenging ourselves and each other to put more 'UNITY' into our community," the post reads.

After showing support for protesters in China a few days prior, Trudeau echoed the same message regarding a possible second protest. “I think it’s important to underscore that we absolutely expect that Canadians have the freedom to express themselves, to disagree with policies, to demonstrate—it’s extremely important, it’s part of our democracy,” he said.

His support for Chinese protesters drew criticism over comparisons of his previous remarks about the trucker-convoy protest when he accused Canadians of "hate, abuse and racism."

Trudeau also famously labelled unvaccinated people as "extremist" and even said they "don't believe in science" and are "often racist" and display "misogynist" tendencies.

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  1. Canada truckers should just park there truck for a month and let Canada burn.