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Who’s Paying for This? Mexican Police Escort 20 Buses of Illegal Aliens and Drop Them Off at US Border in Juarez (VIDEO)


Who’s paying for this?

Is the invasion funded by our tax-payer dollars?

Are Joe Biden and Democrats giving US dollars to leftist organizations and NGOs to facilitate the invasion across the open US southern border?

FOX News reporter Bill Melugin released video on Monday of 20 Mexican buses transporting illegal aliens to the US border in Juarez where they are dropped off. 

Bill Melugin reported, “How did this caravan get there? It was bused in. Take a look at this video our team shot yesterday in Ciudad, Juarez. Watching as 20 of these migrant buses received a Mexican police escort and were bused into Ciudad, Juarez. And they were all dropped off at local shelters and NGOs. Well the migrants didn’t stay at those shelters they immediately walked down to the border, walked down to the river, and they crossed illegally en masse.”

The invasion of America is an organized and highly funded operation.

Thousands of illegals are crossing into the open US border every day now.

So will Republicans do anything about this? Or will they cower from the liberal press and allow this to continue?

Via FOX News and Midnight Rider.


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