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After Likely Forced Confession, Iran Brutally Executes British-Iranian Alireza Akbari for “Spying”


Ex-deputy Iranian defense minister British-Iranian Alireza Akbari was executed by the brutal Iranian regime for allegedly “spying” for the British.

Akbari was arrested and convicted of the charges in 2019, charges he vigorously denied.

Earlier in the week, Iran posted video of Akbari  confessing to the crimes, but many suggest the statement was forced and Akbari likely suffered torture before the confession.

The BBC reports:

The ex-deputy Iranian defence minister was arrested in 2019 and convicted of spying for the UK, which he denied.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said his execution was a “callous and cowardly act, carried out by a barbaric regime”.

France summoned Iran’s top diplomat in Paris, warning that Tehran’s repeated violations of international law could not go unanswered.

Meanwhile, the UK has imposed sanctions on Iran’s Prosecutor General, saying it would hold the regime to account “for its appalling human rights violations”.

“Sanctioning him today underlines our disgust at Alireza Akbari’s execution,” UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said.


Iran summoned the British ambassador in Tehran over what it called Britain’s “unconventional interventions”.

The Iranian judiciary’s official news outlet Mizan reported on Saturday that Mr Akbari, 61, had been hanged. It did not specify the date when the execution took place.

Iran posted a video of Mr Akbari earlier this week showing what appeared to be forced confessions, and after the country’s intelligence ministry had described the British-Iranian as “one of the most important agents of the British intelligence service in Iran”.

However, BBC Persian broadcast an audio message on Wednesday from Mr Akbari in which he said he had been tortured and forced to confess on camera to crimes he did not commit.

Mr Akbari’s family had been asked to go to his prison for a “final visit” on Wednesday and his wife said he had been moved to solitary confinement.


  1. Yeah, we would NEVER force a confession here in the west...

    1. "Brutal regime"? maybe so, but when to comes to labelling other "regimes" around the world "brutal", the USA and other western nation have no moral ground to stand on! And when a nation like Iran is externally threatened day in and day out by Israel and the USA, how can you blame the "regime" for enacting tight security measures?

    2. Agreed. Who told our enemy Israel to attack USS Liberty? To make an ISIS proxy army? To stage 911 false flag with scumbag CIA? And mossad Epstein op of rape murder and blackmail? Fake P0s RINO swamp thing Trump freeing three Israeli spies including p0s Jonathan Pollard?