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FIREWORKS! Karine Jean-Pierre Spars with Peter Doocy Over How Classified Documents Ended Up in Joe Biden’s Private Office (VIDEO)


White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday sparred with Fox News reporter Peter Doocy over how classified documents ended up in Biden’s private office.

“On these documents, how can anyone be that irresponsible? Isn’t that what this president says about mishandling classified documents?” Doocy said, echoing Biden’s previous comments on Trump.

Karine Jean-Pierre shot back and absurdly claimed Biden takes handling classified documents ‘seriously.’


Peter Doocy would not back down.

“He had a closet with classified information in it that they found. How did it get there?” Fox News reporter Peter Doocy queried.

“[Biden] was surprised that the records were there,” Karine Jean-Pierre said.

“But they were there!” Doocy said.

“He was surprised that the records were there!” KJP said.


Top secret intelligence documents related to Ukraine, UK and Iran were found in Joe Biden’s private office, according to CNN.

Joe Biden stored top-secret files with the “sensitive compartmented information” (SCIF) designation at Penn Biden Center in DC.

According to CNN, the classified documents were found in a folder labeled “personal.”

Biden said he was “surprised” to learn there was classified materials at his private office.

“I was surprised to learn that there were any government records that were taken there to that office. But I don’t know what’s in the documents. My lawyers have not suggested I ask what documents they were. I’ve turned over the boxes – they’ve turned over the boxes to The Archives and we’re cooperating fully with the review which I hope will be finished soon,” Biden said on Tuesday in Mexico City.

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