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JUST IN: Abusive Democrat California Congresswoman Katie Porter Announces She’s Running for US Senate


Radical Left Congresswoman and garbage human Katie Porter (D-CA) announced Tuesday morning that she was running for Senate in 2024 to replace Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), who is expected to retire. This news allows the Gateway Pundit to flashback to our previous reports to demonstrate why she must not succeed in her endeavor.

First, here is her official announcement. Note how shamelessly she claims that her campaign is all about ordinary individuals:


The Gateway Pundit has covered how Porter forced out a Navy veteran for supposedly giving her COVID. This dismissal came even after the veteran revealed a close friend was previously murdered. Here is the relevant exchange:

“I hate to have disappointed you in the manner, as I know it isn’t an excuse. I had found out that my friend from the Navy had been murdered and my head was not in the best place.”

“Not an excuse but a reasoning for the lack of forethought. I appreciate everything this office has done for me.”

Porter, however, apparently does not possess a soul. This was her response:

“Well, you gave me COVID. In 25 months, it took you not following the rules to get me sick. My children have nobody to care for them.”

In addition to her neurotic and selfish behavior regarding COVID, Porter also abused her staff in other sordid ways, including using racist remarks and mocking sexual harassment reports. The
TGP’s Cristina Laila elaborated on these allegations in a previous story:

Sasha Georgiades, a Navy veteran and former Wounded Warrior fellow for Porter, also alleged that she heard the progressive congresswoman use racial slurs when talking to staff. Porter is currently facing scrutiny after leaked text messages showed her berating Georgiades for catching the coronavirus.

Georgiades also said that Porter ridiculed people after they had reported sexual harassment in her office as well as “made fun of individuals whose parents passed away from COVID.”

“Basically told the individual to grow up,” Georgiades said regarding the case of a staffer who had reported sexual harassment in Porter’s office.

Georgiades noted that the staffer, who worked with her during her two-year period in Porter’s office, left the office shortly “after the sexual harassment conversation” with the congresswoman.

She also noted the individual “hasn’t filed anything with ethics committee but spoke about it with [Porter] personally, and that was her response.”

The next person who succeeds Feinstein will almost certainly be a far-left Democrat whether it is Porter of someone else. But is getting a decent human being to represent California too much to ask?

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