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“The Imperial Speakership Is Over. Nancy Pelosi Will Be the Last Imperial Speaker.” – Rep. Matt Gaetz on Concessions Earned Last Week


GOP Representatives Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert were on with Laura Ingraham on FOX News last night as they summed up the results of the actions leading to the voting of Kevin McCarthy for Speaker. 

Gaetz and Boebert were instrumental in gaining concessions with McCarthy that they think in the long run will help Speaker McCarthy.

Gaetz shared:

Well the whole sum of this movement was to ensure that never again would be forced to take a vote on something like this omnibus legislation.  And I actually think this will make Kevin McCarthy stronger as a speaker because in negotiating with the Senate he’ll be able to say, I’m sorry the House rules don’t allow us to consider things that aren’t germane.

The new rules will also make it difficult to pass a budget because it has to be a balanced budget.  The House going forward will have to make tough decisions on what to spend money on.  Gaetz noted that any money going to Ukraine will now need to be approved and reviewed unlike the free for all going on now. 

When discussing the moment when McCarthy walked up to Gaetz to discuss the votes after 14 failed votes and being so close, Gaetz said he was proud of McCarthy’s actions and said:

I think the imperial speakership is over.  Nancy Pelosi will be the last imperial speaker because now we’re going to unlock the potential of all the members and I’m glad the Speaker saw it that way.


See Representatives Gaetz and Boebert on with Laura Ingraham last night.

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  1. Too little too late. Repuglickers are all now just noisy theater. The people need to rise up and END them now.