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Trump Supporter Rep. Matt Gaetz Hammers President Trump for Backing McCarthy for Speaker


Kevin McCarthy is the GOP party leadership’s pick for Speaker of the House.  However, many in the party don’t want to see this happen. 

There have now been 4 votes for Speaker of the House and Kevin McCarthy is not even close to winning the speakership.

Even with President Trump’s backing this morning, McCarthy is no closer to what he wants. 


President Trump shared some Truth this morning where he again backed McCarthy for Speaker.  TGP shared these Truths.


Shortly after President Trump shared his support again for McCarthy, Rep. Matt Gaetz tweeted his response to the President’s action.

This was a bold tweet from Gaetz but many Americans agree with him. President Trump’s actions in supporting McCarthy do not bring him closer to the Trump base. Americans want new leadership not more of the same.

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