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Abbott Creates New Border Czar To Accelerate Border Wall Construction, Make State ‘Least Desirable Place For Illegal Immigration’

 Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced this week that he has created a new position in his administration to battle President Joe Biden’s continued illegal immigration crisis on the U.S. southern border.

The announcement comes after U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had 251,487 encounters with illegal aliens last month, the highest number ever recorded in U.S. history.

Last month’s numbers, combined with the first two months of fiscal year 2023 — October and November — put the U.S. on track to have more than 2.87 million illegal alien encounters on the U.S. southern border this year.

December’s numbers mean that the Biden administration has now experienced ten straight months of 200,000+ illegal alien encounters per month on the southern border.

“For nearly two years, the State of Texas has taken unprecedented, historic action under Operation Lone Star in response to the Biden Administration’s refusal to secure the border,” said Abbott. “To continue doing what no other state in the history of our country has done to secure the border, I hired Mike Banks as the State of Texas’ first-ever Border Czar.”

“As an award-winning Border Patrol Agent, with decades of federal law enforcement and border security experience, Mike is the perfect choice to oversee Texas’ fight against the surge of illegal immigration, lethal drugs, and deadly weapons flowing into our state and nation,” Abbott continued. “I have no doubt that Mike’s strong record of leadership and wealth of experience will provide Texans—and Americans—the level of border security expertise they deserve from a proper Border Czar.”

Banks said, “Protecting our nation’s border is something I have dedicated the last 23 years of my life to, and I am very passionate about it. I look forward to strengthening our relationships with law enforcement partners and the community, leveraging all that we can to further protect our great state of Texas and the United States.”

The New York Post noted that when Banks was asked what his role was, he responded, “For me, the #1 priority is to make the State of Texas the least desirable place for illegal immigration to cross.”

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  1. Whats with this Czar name usage? Is the US the new Russia? Has the term Director been retired? Border Director, use ENGLISH words. Guess the name doesn't matter much, lets see what ACTIONS result.

    noun: czar
    an emperor of Russia before 1917.
    "the assassination of the tsar and his family"
    a person appointed by government to advise on and coordinate policy in a particular area.
    "America's new drug czar""

    "The word czar is of Slavic origin, etymologically originating from the name Caesar, as with the word tsar, a title of sovereignty, first created and used by the First Bulgarian Empire.[2] The title was later adopted and used by the Serbian Empire and Tsardom of Russia.

    During the tenure of Joseph Gurney Cannon, he was sometimes referred to as Czar Cannon. This was a result of the power of the Speaker of the House during this time. However, there was a "revolt" in the House which saw Cannon give up power, as well an overall decentralization of power within the House.[3]"