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Biden Claims He Protected U.S. Sovereignty From China After Allowing Their Spy Balloon To Travel Across Nation

 President Joe Biden claimed during his “State of the Union” speech Tuesday night that he protected U.S. sovereignty from communist China last week despite allowing their spy balloon to fly over the entire country before taking action.

Biden’s remarks come after the U.S. military used an F-22 Raptor on Saturday to shoot down the spy balloon over the Atlantic Ocean using a single air-to-air A9X sidewinder missile that was fired at an altitude of approximately 58,000 feet.

“Before I came to office, the story was about how the People’s Republic of China was increasing its power and America was falling in the world,” Biden said. “Not anymore. I’ve made clear with President Xi that we seek competition, not conflict.”

“I will make no apologies that we are investing to make America strong,” he continued. “Investing in American innovation, in industries that will define the future, and that China’s government is intent on dominating.”

“Today, we’re in the strongest position in decades to compete with China or anyone else in the world,” he claimed. “But make no mistake: as we made clear last week, if China threatens our sovereignty, we will act to protect our country. And we did.”

“And let’s be clear: winning the competition with China should unite all of us,” he added.



  1. actually biden wanted to shoot it down immediately - it was the pentagon who said that it would be shot down over open water for safety reasons

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