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Hunter Biden’s Attorneys Request Bannon, Stone, Giuliani and Others to Preserve Evidence for Future Lawsuits


NBC News reported this evening that Hunter Biden’s legal team sent letters to fourteen individuals on Wednesday, asking them to preserve potential evidence for future lawsuits.

Per NBC News:

Hunter Biden’s legal team sent letters to Rudy Giuliani, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon and 11 others on Wednesday, asking them to preserve potential evidence for future lawsuits related to the alleged theft of personal data that may include information from his laptop, according to documents obtained by NBC News.

The move is the latest in a new legal strategy by lawyers for President Joe Biden’s son, who plan to pursue a wide range of litigation against allies of Donald Trump and others involved in obtaining and disseminating data that they say is or may be the private property of their client.

Besides Bannon, Stone and Giuliani, those who were sent near-identical “litigation hold” letters include John Paul Mac Isaac, the computer repairman who first obtained the laptop when Hunter Biden allegedly left it at his Wilmington, Delaware, shop; lawyer Robert Costello, who has represented both Bannon and Giuliani, ex-Trump aide Garrett M. Ziegler, and former Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski.

The full list of names is not provided by NBC.

A week ago Hunter’s attorneys requested that Hunter’s father’s corrupt DOJ, a family friend and Soros-backed AG in Delaware, and Joe Biden’s IRS investigate many of the same individuals. 

In doing this, Hunter’s attorneys basically claimed that the laptop was indeed Hunter’s after years of lying about this fact.

We reached out to Roger Stone who shared:

There is no evidence to preserve.  Everything I know about Hunter Biden’s laptop I learned by reading the New York Post and everything I think I wrote at my Substack.

This is just a baseless heavy-handed effort to silence those asking legitimate questions about Hunter Biden’s record of corruption, treason and debauchery.  Once again, I have to go out and raise legal defense money to defend myself in another baseless witchhunt.

We haven’t reached out to others at the time of this writing.

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