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Wells Fargo Says “Technical Issue” Causing Customers to See Missing Deposits in Their Accounts


Wells Fargo on Friday scrambled to respond to customers who reported deposits were missing from their accounts.

Customers complained about missing deposits in their accounts.

Many customers were unable to pay bills or buy groceries.

Another customer complained about a direct deposit disappearing.

One customer complained about being overdrawn because of missing direct deposits.

Wells Fargo responded: “I understand your concern. If you see incorrect balances or missing transaction, this may be due to a technical issue. We apologize for the inconvenience. Your accounts continue to be secure. We are working quickly on a resolution. -Amanda

Wells Fargo customers vowed to pull their money out and take their business elsewhere.

Wells Fargo released a statement on Friday.

“If you see incorrect balances or missing transactions, this may be due to a technical issue and we apologize” Wells Fargo said. “We are working quickly on a resolution and apologize for the inconvenience.”

The Wells Fargo complaints from customers came on the same day Silicon Valley Bank was shut down by regulators in the biggest bank failure since the 2008 liquidity crisis.

Silicon Valley Bank reportedly holds $173 billion in deposits.

The Fed interest rate is at 4.57% and $117 billion of Silicon Valley Bank securities are yielding only 1.56-1.66% – this is causing a run on the bank.

California regulators shut down the bank and the FDIC took over.

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